Upcoming Recipes

I am basically uploading all the recipes my family owns. Below is a “To-Do” list for me. I am uploading the recipes as I make them. Feel free to send me any recipes to post that you feel will make a great contribution to the migrated Khoja’s in the West. Thank you!

Category Sub-Category Name Status
Appetizers/Snacks Beef Shami Kebabs
Appetizers/Snacks Beef Bateta Champ
Appetizers/Snacks Vegetables Bhajia (Nylon)
Appetizers/Snacks Vegetables Bhurto
Appetizers/Snacks Chakri
Appetizers/Snacks Chevro
Appetizers/Snacks Beef Cutlets
Appetizers/Snacks Lentils Dar na Bhajia
Appetizers/Snacks Lentils Ghantiya
Appetizers/Snacks Lentils Kachori (Lentil Pastry)
Appetizers/Snacks Vegetarian Makai Nariyal waru Done
Appetizers/Snacks Vegetarian Pack-potatoes
Appetizers/Snacks Other Pita Chips
Appetizers/Snacks Beef Samosas
Appetizers/Snacks Beef Seekh Kebabs
Appetizers/Snacks Thepla
Appetizers/Snacks Thikki Puri
Breads Dhebra Done
Breads Mahambri (Mandazi)
Breads Masala Parotha
Breads Naan
Breads Parotha
Breads Pita Bread
Breads Puri
Breads Rotla
Breads Rotli Done
Breads Ugali
Breads Yellow Naan
Breakfast Khara Pau (Savory French Toast)
Breakfast Mitha Pau (Sweet Toast)
Breakfast Ghee Kera Done
Breakfast Muesli Done
Breakfast Omlette
Condiments Chutneys Ambli Chutney
Condiments Chutneys Dhokra ni Chutney
Condiments Chutneys Green Chutney (Cilantro Chutney) Done
Condiments Pickles/Relishes Kachumbar Done
Condiments Chutneys Nariyal ni Chutney (Cilantro and Coconut Chutney) Done
Condiments Pickles/Relishes Raita
Condiments Pickles/Relishes Sambaro
Drinks Chai
Drinks Faluda drink
Main Dishes Lentils Aaki Dar nu Saag Done
Main Dishes Eggs Aaki Mayai Nu Saag (Eggs in a Tomato Curry) Done
Main Dishes Chicken Baked Chicken
Main Dishes Seafood Baked Masala Fish Done
Main Dishes Vegetables Bateta nu Saag Done
Main Dishes Vegetables Bhaji nu Saag Done
Main Dishes Vegetables Bharazi
Main Dishes Vegetables Bhinda nu Saag
Main Dishes Beef Burger kebabs
Main Dishes Chicken Butter Chicken
Main Dishes Pasta Casserole
Main Dishes Lentils Channa Bateta
Main Dishes Chicken Chicken nu Saag
Main Dishes Chicken Chicken Pilau
Main Dishes Lentils Chora nu Saag
Main Dishes Beef Chunda ni Makati Done
Main Dishes Vegetables Cobi nu Saag
Main Dishes Lentils Dar nu Saag Done
Main Dishes Seafood Fish Paka Done
Main Dishes Seafood Fried Masala Fish
Main Dishes Beef Gos ni Biryani
Main Dishes Beef Gos nu Saag
Main Dishes Beef Gos Pilau Done
Main Dishes Beef Gos Tarelo Done
Main Dishes Other Kadhi Done
Main Dishes Chicken Karahi Chicken
Main Dishes Beef Karai Gos
Main Dishes Beef Kebab Nariyal Waru Saag (Meatballs in Spicy Coconut Curry)
Main Dishes Kheema nu Saag
Main Dishes Lentils Khichro
Main Dishes Chicken Kuku Paka
Main Dishes Vegetables Matoke
Main Dishes Eggs Mayai Dungri Nu Saag (Egg and Onion Curry)
Main Dishes Vegetables Mogoo Nariyal waru Done
Main Dishes Lentils Mug nu Saag
Main Dishes Beef Muthiya
Main Dishes Beef Otka Done
Main Dishes Chicken Rainbow Rice Done
Main Dishes Vegetables Ringna Bateta nu Saag
Main Dishes Vegetables Ringna Nariyal waru
Main Dishes Beef Shawarma
Main Dishes Beef Shilo Done
Main Dishes Vegetables Spaghetti Sauce
Main Dishes Beef Sweet and Sour Steak Done
Main Dishes Chicken Tandoori Chicken Done
Main Dishes Chicken Tandoori Chicken Wraps Done
Main Dishes Vegetables Vegetable Biryani
Misc. Depilatory Wax
Rice Side Dishes Coconut Rice
Rice Side Dishes Plain Boiled Rice Done
Rice Side Dishes Spiced Rice Done
Rice Side Dishes Yellow Rice Done
Soups Red Pepper Soup
Sweets Bakhlava
Sweets Mithai Bounty Chocolate
Sweets Burfi Mithai
Sweets Mithai Cocotende
Sweets Other Coronation Masala
Sweets Puddings Dhudh wari Sev
Sweets Faluda
Sweets Halwa Ghajjar nu Halwo (Carrot Halwa)
Sweets Mithai Gulab Jamun
Sweets Mithai Gund Paak
Sweets Mithai Jugu Paak
Sweets Kheer
Sweets Other Kitumbwa
Sweets Puddings Kulfi
Sweets Mithai Laddoo
Sweets Makati Mimina
Sweets Mitho Khaw (Sweet Rice)
Sweets Mithai Monthar
Sweets Biscuits Nan-Khatai
Sweets Ndizi na Bhajia
Sweets Mithai Pakhwan
Sweets Pera
Sweets Mithai Pista Paak
Sweets Halwa Sev
Sweets Halwa Siro
Sweets Mithai Topra Paak (Coconut Sweetmeat)
Sweets Puddings Trifle
Sweets Halwa Varango Halwa
Sweets Cake White Cake
Sweets Cake Zucchini Cake
Sweets Puddings Pineapple Whip

19 Comments Add yours

  1. Zera says:


    1. khojicook says:

      Glad you enjoyed a recipe. Will post the recipe soon :)

  2. Shiraz says:

    Looking forward for Makati Mimina

    1. khojicook says:

      Will post it soon :)

  3. Zahiralli Dharani says:

    Excellent recipes. I love cooking and your wonderful recipes make cooking a breeze.
    I wonder if you could add a recipe for making lime and ginger athanu, the kind that is made with lemon juice and turmeric. Do you have any tips on how to make it keep for long periods and how to prevent turmeric separating from the liquid. Thank you so much.

    1. khojicook says:


      Yes, I have asked someone for the recipe. When they send it I will post it here and email it to you too.

  4. hanif rajabali says:

    I stumbled upon your blog and cannot tell you how pleased I am. I am a khojo who enjoys cooking for his kids. My daughter is allergic to nuts so I tend to cook for her from home a lot. Cannot wait for you to post your to-do, especially ugali. You guessed it! Originally from E Africa.

    1. khojicook says:

      Glad to hear that you are enjoying the content. Hope to start updating it in early aug. thanks! Please sign up to receive updates

  5. rozmin says:

    please put the recipe of meat pies ismaili style

    1. khojicook says:

      Dont have that, try chachis kitchen blog

  6. sweetoo says:

    Do you have a recipe for the zanzibaar mix?

    1. khojicook says:

      Nope. Tryhttp://www.fauziaskitchenfun.com/zanzibar-mix

  7. Roy Pacheco says:

    How about that Malindi Halwa?

    1. khojicook says:

      Havent got a good recipe for it yet

  8. Nargis Najarali says:

    Hey keep coming up with new recipes! I have paid your gos pilau a dozen times and it is always a hit! :)

    1. khojicook says:

      Thanks for trying the recipe. My lil one is keeping me very busy, insh hope to find some time to put up new recipes!

  9. raynur313 says:

    I just found your site and am totally loving it!

  10. Hi there,
    YA Ali Madad
    I am Nargis.
    I need east African receipy of kababs like KT SHOP KABAB OF DAR- ES SALAAM.

    1. khojicook says:

      I dont have that recipe sorry.

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