Useful Resources for the Khoji Cook

I love the internet and the public library. If it wasn’t for the internet I would have never been able to find any East African recipes (ok, i’m exaggerating). In my search for recipes, I have found that the Ismailis have the most recipes out there and their cooking is very similar to the cooking I was brought up with and they seem to have documented them well. Here are some links and books that have some great recipes. If you know of any others please do share them too. Enjoy!


Ismaili Recipes

Indian Recipes

Somali Recipes

Khoja Recipes



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  1. Mt says:

    Please can you be kind enough to let me know where I can buy your books all three. I am coming to canada in September and will be in victoria so if I can order them and could have delivery in canada. I am from the uk. With many thanks.

    1. khojicook says:


      The books are by various authors and are mostly available on


  2. Thank you for posting the name of my book in your Resource column.

    1. khojicook says:

      Thank you for documenting the recipes in your book!

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