Smoky Flavor (Dhwani/Fukiza)

This is not actually a recipe, but a simple technique used to give foods a smoky flavor (mainly meats, poultry and seafood). As always, be careful handling hot stuff and since this involves burning charcoal indoors, ensure proper ventilation (Also, doesn’t hurt to always have a mini fire extinguisher in your kitchen!).

Recipe: Smoky Flavor

Also known as: Dhuwani/Dhooani/Fukiza

Categories: Miscellaneous


  • One small piece of charcoal
  • 1/2 tsp of oil

You will also need the food that you are flavoring to be in a container with a tight-fitting lid and a small piece of foil.


  • Prepare the food that you want to flavor. Please note, this does not actually cook the food or preserve it.
  • Place a piece of foil in it (to place the lighted charcoal in).

Here, I am adding smoky flavor to grilled fish.

  • These are directions on how to light a piece of charcoal on an electric coil burner. Do not put charcoal directly on a ceramic burner, place the charcoal in a metal pan and heat it. If you are using a gas burner, then it’s pretty obvious, just heat the coal in the fire.
  • I recommend using the charcoal pieces used in hookahs (easily found in the persian/arab stores). They light easily and don’t flake too much.


  • Turn the smallest size heating element to the highest heat. With metal tongs, place the charcoal piece directly on the element. Let the charcoal heat up on both sides. You can hasten the process by fanning it. The center of the coal will turn red. Now you have to work quickly.

Heated coal

  • Carefully with a metal spoon, take the charcoal off the element and onto the foil piece that is already in the food.

Lighted coal on the foil

  • Quickly drop some oil on the lighted coal and cover with the lid.

Drop some oil directly on the coal

Smoke released from the oil hitting the coal

Heat from the coal is dying out

  • Depending on how intense you want the smoky flavor, you can leave the charcoal in the container till the smoke dissipates. I don’t usually do that since it is quite strong a flavor. In about 5 minutes, I usually toss the coal away. Be careful since the coal is still warm.

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