Garlic and Ginger Paste

All kitchens need garlic and ginger!

Frozen ginger cubes

When I started cooking, I always bought commercial garlic and ginger paste from the Indian stores. Then I discovered already peeled garlic cloves so I decided to make my own garlic paste. While I was at it, I also bought fresh ginger. To my ‘delight’ the garlic paste always turned green in the fridge and the ginger went bad! Then my sister came to my rescue and showed me a cool idea which I thought would be helpful to newbie cooks like myself.

  • When crushing the garlic, add some salt, vinegar and vegetable oil to prevent it from becoming green
  • Wash and dry disposable plastic egg cartons (or ice-cube trays bought specifically for this purpose) and fill each crevice with a teaspoon worth of the garlic or ginger paste
  • Freeze the trays over-night. Then remove the garlic/ginger cubes from the trays and store in a resealable bag

Now the pastes never go bad! Thank you sista!


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